TierPoint is a managed service provider for Microsoft Azure. The company offers a managed Azure solution that provides an integrated approach to planning and implementation and reduces the complexity of moving to the cloud. Managed Azure is a key part of TierPoint`s hybrid IT approach. TierPoint helps determine which workloads work best in the cloud and supports different IT environments so users can use a single cloud provider. Capgemini is a Paris-based management services provider for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, with branches in areas around the world. Capgemini`s cloud migration experts help companies choose applications and workloads that migrate to the cloud because of their suitability and complexity. As part of its cloud transformation strategy, Capgemini uses software-as-a-service solutions and integrates them into a customer`s infrastructure. NTT Data is a provider of IT services and managed cloud services for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The company is committed to helping customers migrate and modernize applications to the cloud and replace outdated customer architectures with enterprise-class cloud technologies. NTT Data offers a number of cloud transformation services that enable enterprises to prepare their current and future cloud infrastructure. AllCloud is a service provider managed by AWS and Salesforce, resulting from a merger between Emind and Blat Lapidot, both of which have a background in the cloud.

AllCloud offers managed cloud know-how, skills, and workforce to help customers achieve operational excellence in their cloud deployment. Its methodology defines goals, evaluates a client`s current systems, and establishes a customized plan for onboarding and managing a cloud environment. For companies that need technical assistance, outsourcing allows for high availability of services. Such a need may arise from spikes in call volume during the day, periods of high activity due to the introduction of new products or maintenance services, or the requirement to offer customers a high level of service at low cost to the business. It allows companies to call on specialized staff whose technical knowledge base and experience can exceed the scale of the business, thus offering their employees a higher level of technical support.