. the so-called purchase agreement. This is a case where the appeal was brought for a specific service on the basis of an oral purchase agreement. The exact date on which the amount of the advance until. It is well regulated that, before a court can issue a decree on a given performance, the contract invoked must be specific and the same must be proved by convincing evidence. Looking for specific . The applicant presents himself to request a decree for the concrete realization of the sale of real estate on the basis of an oral agreement, heavy burden is on the applicant to prove that a consensus ad. . The plaintiff-defendant filed an appeal on the original side of the Madras Supreme Court for concrete execution of an alleged oral agreement concluded between the parties at a given time.

advice learned for the parties. The only question that arises in the appeal is whether there is an oral agreement, as the applicant claims in his appeal, and whether the applicant has paid seriously. Money to the defendant under such an agreement. The question of whether such an agreement is annigable or countervailable does not arise in this case. If it is because there is one. . because he believed in good faith that he had the right to acquire the property under the oral agreement of 14-10-1977. He had also paid Rs 5000 as serious money under the oral agreement in question. That`s right, his knowledge.

Obligation to pay the rent and evacuate the premises, as he was ready and willing to buy the property. The respondents submitted a reply denying the existence of such an oral agreement and brought an appeal. The above-mentioned oral agreement has meanwhile been rejected, but he has appealed, which is still ongoing. He therefore believed that he was eligible. .. 2. Defendants-applicants filed No. 48 of 2011 for a decree on the concrete execution of an alleged oral agreement of 01.11.2009, in order to offer the respondents a path over a width of 12 feet.

it is only when the (alleged) oral agreement is accepted and the Tribunal renders a judgment on a given benefit. Until then, there is no reason but the ownership of the petitioner and other accused. Commission of Inquiry into the Measurement of the Property of the Petitioner and Other Defendants and the Identification of the 12-Foot Road (to which they claimed that there was an oral agreement on 11.11.2009). That was the demand. . The resulting obligation. The contract subject to the obligation consists, in the order of concrete service, in enforcing this commitment. 9.M. Subramaniam argues that an oral .

Agreement before ex. PW-11.A. But the conditions of such an oral agreement are nowhere conclusive and the same uncertainties surround it as the fleet around the ex. PW-11.A. The High Court cannot therefore be insinuated that it has not confirmed. to be maintained by a scribe in his own light cannot constitute the basis of an agreement between the parties, which could be effective by concrete performances. Both statements were. . the company, with the exception of the complainant, had entered into an oral agreement with him on 6 July 1952 for the sale of 137 shares of the land and that, in accordance with the counterparties holding 98 shares, deeds of sale were in its . Evidence in one action should be considered evidence in the other. By judgment of 28 February 1956, the District Judge found that the 1st defendant had not demonstrated in his favour the oral purchase agreement.

against OS No. 2 of 1956. In a joint judgment of 25 March 1960, the High Court upsced both appeals. The High Court decided that the oral agreement of the first defendant applied and that the applicant did not . participate in the evaluation. Om Parkash-Kläger/ Kläger lodged a complaint in favour of taxable person transactions at home on the basis of an oral agreement of 6.2.2005. I`m arguing. The court rejected the applicant`s request to comply concretely with the oral agreement it had provided for, but allowed the injunction, thus limiting the proceedings. that he does not assert his claims only a specific service on the basis of the oral agreement of 6.2.2005 and that he limits his arguments to his right to omission.

. . .