give or produce satisfaction; the delivery content; in particular, to relieve the spirit of doubt or insecurity and to allow it to rest with confidence; sufficient; The European champion and the Italian champion announced that they had reached an “agreement satisfactory to both parties” with Benítez to terminate his contract, which lasted until the end of next season. We are optimistic about negotiating a satisfactory agreement for both parties with the USW. “When I heard President Moon Jae-in`s intention for a summit from (South Korea`s) special envoy (Kim Jong-un), he exchanged opinions and reached a satisfactory agreement,” the KCNA message reads. North Korea announced on Tuesday that leader Kim Jong-un had reached a “satisfactory agreement” with South Korean officials in Pyongyang the day before. The popularity of the word “satisfactory” in spoken Corpus Frequency: #4214 During this period, Iran suspended its nuclear activities, acknowledged intrusive inspection measures, and seems vulnerable to negotiating a deal satisfactory to both sides. It will help companies “avoid costly legal costs and maintain business relationships by reaching agreements that are satisfactory to both parties,” Javid said. The last quarter of last year was complicated and we have adjusted the economic figures, we will have respectable economic growth (2015). He will be very satisfied with this situation. It was my destiny, in a long life of production, to be mainly associated with the ambiguous virtue of industry, quality so excellent in morality and so unsymesting in art. The CDS review process and, ultimately, the report will be important, either there are more satisfactory approaches or there are none, and somehow it will be a big thing. The character of the consensual or forced relationship, a matter of love or rape, or an agreement satisfactory to both parties remained unclear. Like a bathtub dressed in white porcelain when the hot water turns off or becomes warm, slow cooling is also our chivalrous passion, o my lady so much praised but not quite satisfying.

reparation, indemnification or indemnification; the cessation of claims and the cessation of content; compensation; Sühe; how to provide satisfactory compensation or a satisfactory excuse to provide documents in a satisfactory form……… According to the KCNA news agency of the withdrawn state, Kim had had “frank” discussions with the Seoul delegation, led by the head of the National Security Bureau, Chung Eui-yong, sent by South Korean President Moon Jae-in after an unprecedented level of cooperation at last month`s Winter Olympics in the South.