3. The Swiss Confederation is responsible for responding to claims relating to euAM Ukraine, EUAM Ukraine staff or its staff. The Swiss Confederation is responsible for taking legal action against its staff in accordance with its laws and regulations, particularly in legal or disciplinary respect. 5. The Swiss Confederation informs the Head of Mission, in due course, of any changes to his participation in the mission and his contribution to the mission. 1. Without prejudice to paragraph 3, the Swiss Confederation pays all costs related to its participation in EUAM Ukraine. the use of the assets of the Swiss Confederation where the assets related to the mission were used, with the exception of gross negligence or intentional misconduct by the staff of the European Union Mission using these assets. 2. This agreement is applied on an interim basis from the date of its signing. 3. This agreement remains in force for the duration of the Swiss Confederation`s contribution to the mission.

All necessary technical and administrative arrangements for the implementation of this agreement are taken between the competent authorities of the contracting parties. Made in Brussels in two English-language copies, April 13, 2016. . 3. The UE Civil Operations Commander assumes and exercises responsibility for the direction and control of EUAM Ukraine at the strategic level. Swiss Confederation staff members in carrying out their duties related to EUAM Ukraine, except in cases of gross negligence or wilful misconduct; or four. Staff seconded to the mission by the Swiss Confederation carry out their duties and are exclusively in the interest of EUAM Ukraine. The Member States of the European Union implementing the Council`s 22 July 2014 Decision on the European Union`s Consultative Mission for Civil Security Sector Reform in Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine); endeavours, to the extent that its internal legal systems permit, to obtain, as far as possible, action against the Swiss Confederation for violation, death or loss of assets held by EUAM Ukraine and used by EUAM Ukraine, if such violation, death, damage or loss: 4.

Any party may announce the agreement in writing to the other party. The tip-off will take effect three months after the date of notification. . 7. The head of the mission is responsible for the disciplinary control of EUAM Ukraine staff. If necessary, disciplinary action is taken by the relevant Swiss national authority. 2. The Swiss Confederation`s contribution to EUAM Ukraine does not affect the EU`s decision-making autonomy. The EU informs the Swiss Confederation in due course of any changes or modifications to EUAM Ukraine, including documents covered in paragraph 3. 10. The commander of the European Union mission may, after consultation with the Swiss Confederation, request at any time the withdrawal of the contribution of the Swiss Confederation.

If one party fails to meet its obligations under this agreement, the other party has the right to denounce the agreement within one month. . Estos enunciados provienen de fuentes externas y pueden ser poco precisos. bab.la no es responsible for su contenido. 4. The contracting parties undertake to waive any claim, except contractual claims, against each other for damage, loss or destruction of assets resulting from the performance of their obligations related to the activities under this agreement, unless it is gross negligence or wilful misconduct. 3. The Swiss Confederation ensures that Swiss staff participating in EUAM Ukraine are responsible for its mission in accordance with: 1.

This agreement enters into force on the first day of the first month, after the parties have informed each other of the fulfilment of the internal procedures necessary for this purpose.