As a copy editor, I have come across numerous articles and pieces of writing that use contractions, which are a shorthand way of combining two words by omitting letters and replacing them with an apostrophe. While contractions are commonly used in spoken language and informal writing, they are not appropriate for all types of writing.

One area where contractions should be avoided is in academic or professional writing, where clarity and formality are key. Using contractions in these contexts can give the impression that the writer is not taking the subject matter seriously or does not have a strong grasp of the language. It can also make the writing feel less polished or professional.

Furthermore, using contractions in writing can harm your search engine optimization efforts. Search engines tend to associate contractions with informal language, which can affect the perceived relevance and authority of your content. This can ultimately impact your search rankings, making it harder for your content to be found by your intended audience.

To avoid this issue, it is best to avoid using contractions in all types of writing, unless they are specifically requested or expected (such as in a personal blog post). Instead, aim to use the full form of words whenever possible, as this will convey a more formal, polished tone and avoid confusion or misinterpretation.

In conclusion, while contractions are a useful shorthand in spoken language and informal writing, they are generally not appropriate for academic, professional, or SEO-focused writing. By avoiding contractions and using the full form of words, you can create content that is more credible, polished, and effective.