Another drawback of hometrust is 10 transactions a day. For example, if you and your other sig buy 5 separate coffees in one day (i.e. 10 separate transactions), you cannot use the card until the next day. Dollar amounts don`t matter (within your credit limit, of course). Hello, does anyone know if hometrust visa use Equifax or TransUnion to check your credit file? I have a large points gap in my two credit file. Equifax rated me 660 and TransUnion with 500 euros. Cradit Karma, who uses TransUnion, values me at 655 euros and I studied with TransUnion, but they do not know what the problem might be. Hey, Gee, thank you for your question. If you apply for the Preferred Visa Home Trust card, you will receive your confirmation number in the email address you have listed on the app itself. If you haven`t received it yet, give it a few more days, then call Home Trust to confirm that they have received it.

Don`t try to reapply until you get a response from them, as you don`t want to ask for the same card twice, which could be both redundant and a slight credit risk if you cancel it immediately. The best thing to do is to sit down for now, and trust that customer support will provide you with a satisfactory response. Good luck! This says “Available only for home mortgage trust customers”? Hello, Mary-Katherine, thank you for coming and telling us about your frustrations. We are also busy with the recent back-up at Home Trust. Now that Chase has pulled out of Canada, cardholders who once liked their Amazon card for their ability to reduce fees for foreign transactions have been knocking the doors of Home Trust. The card is indeed good at reducing these fees, but we encourage customers disappointed by Home Trust to consider the Rogers card instead. Your comments are greatly appreciated and we support your decision to come here and warn other readers against the disappointing progress of Home Trust. Enjoy your Rogers card! For U.S. gas pumps, the Home Trust card is reliable, but it sometimes indicates some problems that are nothing more than something annoying.

You see, through correspondence with readers and research from ours, we have discovered that the Home Trust card sometimes tells cardholders who refuel at the pump, that they have to go to the station and pay for their gas in the registry. Sometimes it is not possible to go inside and pay for gas at your station in advance, that is, late at night, when only the pumps are active and no one works inside. But this is by no means a universal problem, so don`t worry. I applied on January 22 and on February 5, I received an email saying, “We just wanted to let you know that we have received your request and you can expect to hear again in the next 3 to 4 weeks. Thank you for your patience and thank you for choosing the Preferred Home Trust Visa. It`s March 13 and I haven`t received a credit card yet. I wrote an email and they did not respond. Apparently, it`s almost impossible to reach them by phone. I really wish I hadn`t applied.

Read here what people are going through: You`re not alone! I used this card for a 3 day road trip to the US (oh, I miss my Amazon visa, which never gave me a problem). I highly recommend traveling with several cards (don`t count on these alone).