“The agreement provides for teachers to receive the pay increase they deserve and provide more support to students in the classroom,” he said. He said that the increase in parental and partner leave was part of the agreement and that teacher assistants and educational facilitators would receive the same paid school holiday leave as teachers. Below is your debit contract with The Australian Education Union – Tasmanian Branch, ABN 33 937 425 345 – User ID 312154. The agreement is intended to explain to you the obligations you have when you enter into a collection agreement with us. It also describes what our obligations are to you as your debit provider. We advise you to keep this agreement in a safe place for future references. It is part of the terms and conditions of your debit application (GDR) and must be read in conjunction with your GDR form. The AEU is the first Public Sector Tasmanian union to reach an agreement with the Liberals after lengthy negotiations. The new package of teacher agreements includes major primary workloads at the national level. Rockliff said that in the early stages of their careers, teachers would receive additional support for professional learning and teaching time. “The difficulty of recruiting teachers in regional and isolated schools is also recognized by the improvement of holiday conditions for these very low-skilled sectors,” she said. I declare that if I am admitted to the Australian Education Union Tasmania, I will abide by THE rules of the Union.

To be a financial member, I must have paid for all subscriptions in advance. In order to end my membership, I must communicate in writing to the Union a two-week period. I authorize the AEU to request my salary and other employment data from the relevant state for the purpose of updating the EU membership documents. Members covered by the teachers` agreement will receive an e-mail vote on Wednesday, October 30, each member can vote only once and the majority decision is binding. The registration of the new agreement introduces new rules for public holidays for support staff. Only AEU members have the opportunity to vote – remember all non-members that they can still join and vote now if they act quickly. AEU Tasmanian Branch operates in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1998. We are committed to treating your personal data in a strictly confidential manner. Our full data protection statement can be accepted under aeutas.org.au/Portals/0/Documents/About%20Us/Policies/Privacy%20Policy.doc The Australian Education Union has accepted the government`s wage offer. As part of these negotiations, premium variants would also be available: if I were to become a temporary employee, I would allow the AEU to move from the wage deduction to the automatic debit or credit card. A new clause in the agreement applies to public holidays that fall during the periods.

If you have any questions about this newsletter, please contact the AEU office: (03) 6234 9500 or 1800 001 313 When the Easter holidays approach, Note that if Monday or Tuesday are regular work days for you, you receive DAY FOR DAY THAT you can take for a paid day off instead of a regular work day – these days must be taken before the end of the calendar year. Support staff now have access to a maximum of nine public holidays per year, paid (for the duration) or compensated by TOIL (fixed-term contracts).